We raised
$25 million
to expand our global tax automation platform
November 22, 2021

We raised $25 million to expand our global tax automation platform

  • We solve the global tax calculation and reporting needs for digital companies including Lime, Uber, Teachable, GoStudent and Zoom
  • Through our easy-to-use APIs, we have quickly become a critical component for online-first businesses looking to rapidly scale across international markets while remaining tax compliant
  • We surpassed 300 million tax transactions per year and have raised $25 million in funding from Index Ventures, OMERS Ventures and angel investors

November 22: We have raised $25 million to expand our global tax solutions. Investors in the round include Index Ventures, OMERS Ventures, FJ Labs, Moving Capital, Gautam Gupta (former COO and CFO at Opendoor and Uber), Kevin Hartz (founder at Eventbrite), Prabir Adarkar (CFO at Doordash), Carlos Gonzalez-Cadenas (former COO at GoCardless), Allison Barr Allen (COO at Fast) and others.

Adapting to global tax changes

While technology is driving trade at an ever-increasing pace, it has become harder for digital-first businesses to understand and manage global tax and compliance obligations. Today, automation options are limited and manual processes remain the norm - forcing companies with cross-border transactions to rely on costly and complex solutions to manage their international tax footprint.

We are transforming how digital companies including marketplaces, digital service providers, micromobility operators, gig economy platforms and subscription-based companies stay tax compliant; converting a costly and complex process into an automatic and seamless one. We provide a plug-and-play modular platform that helps businesses determine and calculate the right amount of tax, in the right place, at the right time. This is done by providing a simple API solution that integrates into the workflow of our customers to help handle the full chain of tax reporting. Our platform verifies the tax status of the buyer and seller, calculates the correct tax to charge and creates a locally compliant invoice after a transaction takes place. Moreover, it allows for automatically reporting transactions in real-time to a country’s government where needed.

By removing manual work through automation for businesses in the internet economy, we are enabling companies such as Lime, GoStudent, Teachable, Uber and Zoom to expand their global offerings and stay tax compliant.

A one-stop solution for global digital businesses

We were founded by three Uber alumni - Davor Tremac, Filip Sturman, Ivan Ivankovic - who experienced first hand how difficult it is to correctly calculate and report taxes to authorities throughout the world. With no suitable software solutions on the market, we decided to use their experience to automate taxes for the entire internet economy.

We currently support tax automation transactions across 100+ countries today and aim to expand this to over 140 countries by the end of the year. To help facilitate this, we have raised $25 million in funding. We plan to use the funding for growth including international expansion and hiring across all areas of the business. Though Fonoa is headquartered in Dublin, we have a remote-first approach to business with a distributed team across 14 countries and plans to hire more staff across the US, Europe, Asia and Latin America in the coming months.

Davor Tremac
CEO and founder of Fonoa

In the digital world, businesses and customers transact on a global scale. Country borders are no longer a limiting factor, and technology drives global trade at an ever-increasing speed. Combined with the increased scrutiny by regulators, dealing with tax matters in a more automated and trusted way has become an ever-more pressing issue. We built a one-stop solution that handles the complexities of tax globally, allowing digital businesses to focus on growing their core business.

Hannah Seal
Principal at Index Ventures

The Fonoa team has identified and solved a genuine problem for businesses, with a product that enables businesses to manage their tax obligations seamlessly through one API. There's a whole category of modern payment solutions which have become the norm, but the innovation and caliber of software solutions around tax have been nowhere near the same standard. Fonoa plans to change all of that.

Jambu Palaniappan
Managing Partner at OMERS Ventures

Budding entrepreneurs can use hundreds of different platforms to scale their business and accept payments from anywhere, but when it comes to paying the right taxes across different markets, the support is non-existent. The Fonoa team has built a brilliant platform that solves this problem elegantly, providing a streamlined solution to enable businesses to operate and grow across the world.

Zoom Video Communications Inc.
Global VAT lead

Fonoa’s solutions have helped Zoom with expanding our global marketplace offerings by assisting with tax determination, invoicing and tax compliance.

Uber Technologies Inc.
Corporate Tax

Fonoa has been an effective partner in helping Uber to comply with the various electronic invoicing mandates. As an effective partner, Fonoa has welcomed our observations and recommendations and  have digested those recommendations to implement helpful and positive changes without hesitation.

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