What Should A Tax Invoice Look Like?

January 15, 2021

As we discussed in a previous post, an invoice is an official document that serves as a proof that a commercial transaction took place. Governments have specific requirements regarding invoices’ form and content, and that’s a question we didn’t cover in our last post.  So, what should an invoice look like? 

Fortunately, most countries don’t mandate the exact layout of invoices and the exact position of all mandatory elements. Therefore, it’s up to the issuer to determine what the invoice looks like, as long as it contains all the necessary information. However, even when there are no specific rules around this, in practice most invoices look very similar.

Some countries mandate what an invoice should look like

Some countries actually mandate what an invoice should look like. In those countries, all invoices must have a specific layout, in addition to all the mandatory information that must be included. 

This is the case in Russia, China, and in most countries in Latin America like Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Peru, and Guatemala. In those countries, invoices must have a specific layout, as prescribed by the local tax authorities.

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