How to connect Bolt account with Fonoa?

From January the 1st 2023, all sellers have to provide their tax credentials to Bolt so we could issue legal and fiscal invoices on your behalf. 

Please create your tax credentials by following these steps::

  • Go to the Tax Authority website
  • Search for ‘Gestão de utilizadores’ (user management) in the search box
  • Click onAceder(access) in the search results next toGestão de utilizadores
  • Click on ‘Criar um novo utilizador’ (create new user)
  • Fill inNome(name),Senha(password), and under 'Operações Autorizadas’ (authorized operations) click 
    • WFA - Comunicação de dados de faturas
    • CGS - Comunicação e gestão de séries
    • WDT -Webservice decomunicação de documentos de transporte
    • WSE -Comunicação e Gestão de Séries por webservice
  • Save ‘Utilizador’ (username) and ‘Senha’ (password)
  • Provide saved credentials to Bolt

If you have already previously obtained the credentials from the Tax Authority, please create new ones by following the process above.

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