How does the Talent Team work at a fast-paced company like Fonoa?

Senior Talent Partner - Tech & Product
Neha Pandit

Hiring is not only the responsibility of the Talent Team at Fonoa: it is part of everyone's job. We know that candidates evaluate us too, this is why we're committed to providing the best candidate experience possible - one that combines meaningful conversations, written feedback and a well-structured process. 

Hiring plays a strategic role in Fonoa’s business. To build a great team, the hiring culture and the hiring standards of our company need to be incredibly well defined.  

Talent acquisition is something we see similar to the work of product managers, who work in designated sprints and are project managing multiple stakeholders, with clear documentation, structure, communication and execution. Our hiring approach is very similar to this: we break down all stages of the end-to-end recruiting process, owned by different experts of our team such as Sourcers, Recruiters and Coordinators. This methodology allows us to stay focused on the ultimate goal, which is to hire the right people for our team while providing the best possible experience for every candidate. 

The future is growth

The most exciting part of our job was to scale Fonoa from a team of 26 people in June 2021 to 80 as of Jan 2022. In 6 months we managed to triple the company size which was a massive effort across Tech, Product and Tax hiring teams. Our goal is to scale our team more, Fonoa is looking to achieve 10x growth over the coming years, so it’s key to have a strong talent strategy that sets us for success. 

Candidate experience is a priority 

Scaling at this level takes strong planning and a strong, committed team. We have set an ambitious target of reaching a 200+ headcount this year. Our processes need to be flexible and scalable enough to handle the volume of candidates this requires. We also want to make sure that we provide the best possible candidate experience along the way. 

We want every single candidate who meets us to enjoy the process of having conversations with the people here, no matter the outcome.

We believe that providing feedback to our candidates is key to a positive experience. That is why everyone who participates in the process - Recruiters, Tech Interviewers, Co-Founders - spend time writing considered evaluations for candidates. When you relay such feedback to the candidate, it gives them something to take away from the process even if they were not successful. People appreciate well-written feedback during the recruitment process. Luckily, since we are a fully remote company, the culture of writing is embedded in our everyday work and all of our processes. 

The Talent Team at Fonoa is extremely data-driven and keeps an eye on metrics closely every week. We not only measure the effectiveness of our hiring process but also the experience of the people who participate in it. We monitor how many candidates drop off from our process, what percentages of candidates accept or reject our offers and the diversity of our talent pipeline. We also ask for feedback on the recruitment process from our candidates and from the interviewers.

At the talent team, we always think of the big picture - like what does the CTO or the Co-Founders care about - it helps us develop smoother, better, and more scalable processes in the longer term. 

Our approach ensures that we hire the right people, we are transparent and provide the best possible candidate experience.


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