Team building remotely - how we do it

Team building plays an important role in nurturing a strong company culture, but keeping remote people together as a team can be challenging.  At Fonoa we hang out regularly after work, which helps us get to know each other and bring people together. 

Here is what we do to build team spirit and develop strong connections at Fonoa.


Virtual Book Club on Fonoa island 

We have a virtual island in Mibo, where we can walk around in a 3D world with our webcam as our head. It sounds silly at first, but it works. It is actually a fun place to have our Fonoa book club sessions. At the Book Club, we usually read some chapters of a selected book, then discuss it. We also keep notes for future reference for ourselves and new team members. A different team member hosts each event, giving a chance to everyone to share their favorite book.  It is a great way to learn something new together and bond as a team.  

Having lunch

What's more fun than getting to know each other over a tasty lunch? To bring the Friday feeling to the whole team after a long week, we get together on Fridays at lunchtime. The food is on us, the fun is on the team.  It’s a great chance to connect before the weekend starts. 


Virtual coffee breaks with a random teammate

It is not another excuse for drinking coffee, it is about having some face-to-face bonding time. We simply pair up random team members who then get a scheduled virtual coffee date. It can be super fun to talk about something not connected to work with a colleague, and it is a great way to get to know each other better. 

See Fonoa in action

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