Simplifying Tax
Number Validation

Lookup is an intuitive and simple way of managing indirect tax status validation.

Fonoa has developed an easy-to-use tool designed specifically for tax and finance professionals to validate any Tax Identification Number.

Why Lookup?

Easily Accessible

Effortlessly validate tax numbers in an easy-to-use user interface or using our API.

Plug & Play

No integrations or engineering teams needed to start- it’s plug & play.

Full Audit Trail

See all your transactions in one place and provide evidence of processing.

The Widest Data Source

We sync with government databases across the globe, including national databases.

Comply With Regulatory Requirements

Ensuring that the tax identification number your customer (or supplier) has given you is correct, is a prerequisite when invoicing cross-border goods transactions and filling in the EC Sales listing. Using an incorrect number could lead to fines and audits.

Power Your Calculation Logic

Ensure that you fully understand the status of your customer before you apply any indirect taxes to the sale of goods or services using Lookup.

Speed-up Your Processes

Validate tax identification numbers given to you by your clients and suppliers in real time.

Access Multiple Data Sources

Validate tax identification numbers against both VIES and domestic tax databases using Lookup.

Batch Processes Made Easy

One single interface enables you to submit individual and batch requests using a simple CSV format.

Full Audit Trail

Lookup keeps a record of the numbers you have validated in the past, which means it is simple to review the history and comply with audit requests.

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Pricing Plans

Lookup Lite
Lookup Enterprise

Fonoa User Interface

Validate tax identification numbers through Fonoa’s Web App.

Batch Validation

Validate up to 10.000 tax identification numbers in a batch. Parallel batch validations supported.

Multi-level Validation

Format check, structure check, and real-time database validation.

EU VIES Coverage

EU VAT ID validation through VIES database.

EU National Database Coverage

Validation through the relevant national database.

Geographic coverage

Number of countries supported.


EU, UK, Switzerland and Norway


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API access

Validate through a single integration with Fonoa’s API.


12,000 validations included

Flexible usage & pricing

Lookup Lite Benefits

Using Lookup Lite, you can seamlessly validate your customers’ and suppliers’ VAT identification numbers to understand their taxpayer status through an easy-to-use graphic interface.

Intuitive Modern Design
Plug & Play
Full Audit Trail
The Widest Sources of Data
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What our clients say

Fonoa allows Uber to be able to validate taxpayer status both in VIES, and in the national databases across the EU, allowing us to have a complete picture over the taxpayer status of our supplier base.

Tax Tech & Operations Manager, Uber

Fonoa’s Lookup allows Zoom to validate Tax ID Numbers across the globe and translates taxpayer details across different jurisdictions.

Head of EMEA Tax, Zoom

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