Is Fonoa VC funded?

Yes. Fonoa’s lead investors are Index Ventures and Omers Ventures. They have invested in companies like Shopify, Roblox, and Figma. Please take a look at both of their portfolios (Index Ventures, Omers Ventures) to give you an idea of other great companies they have supported.

Other investors in Fonoa include FJ Labs, Addition, Moving capital (ex-Uber syndicate), Gautam Gupta (former COO, Opendoor), Kevin Hartz (founder, Eventbrite), Prabir Adarkar (CFO, Doordash), Carlos Gonzalez-Cadenas (ex-COO, GoCardless), Allison Barr Allen (COO, Fast), Matt Robinson (CEO, Nested; founder, GoCardless), Jacques Erasmus (CSIO, Activision-Blizzard), Will Neale (Grabyo), Andreas Klinger (CTO, On Deck).