What is the minimum required data you need to issue a tax invoice?

Invoices are valid only if they feature all elements prescribed by the government. If an invoice does not contain all required information, business customers cannot use it to reclaim any indirect taxes (VAT, GST, etc.). Moreover, if an invoice doesn’t contain all the necessary information, it cannot be considered an invoice.

The minimum required information we need to issue a compliant invoice depends on regulations in a particular country. 

In most countries, the elements that an invoice must contain are similar and include:

  • A reference to the word “Invoice” to clarify the document’s purpose in the local language.

The seller's details:

  • Name
  • Address and location
  • Tax identification number (TIN, VAT ID, GST ID...) *

The customer’s details:

  • Name*
  • Address and location*
  • Tax identification number (TIN, VAT ID, GST ID…)*

The invoice details:

  • Sequential invoice number
  • Invoice date
  • Date of delivery

A breakdown of the products or services:

  • Description of goods or services supplied
  • Quantity
  • Price per unit
  • Tax rate (GST/VAT/ST etc.), if applicable.
  • Total amount excl. tax (net amount)
  • Tax amount (if tax is applicable on the transaction at all)
  • Total amount (gross amount)

* data is not mandatory to issue an invoice through Fonoa Invoicing, but this data is compulsory for the document to be considered an invoice in most countries. It is recommendable to provide all available information to ensure invoicing compliance.

If you need a list of mandatory information for specific countries, please contact us.