Software businesses operate globally, creating global tax complexities - Fonoa is here to help


As a software business selling globally, you need to be efficient with taxes

Understand who your customers are from a tax status perspecitve

As a software company, your customers could be both businesses and consumers, but your biggest contributors to revenue growth and retention will most certainly be the B2B segment. In order to understand if you need to tax them and invoice them properly, you’ll need to check and validate their tax ID numbers.

Know if, when, and how much you need to charge in indirect taxes

Once you know who you need to tax and who not (also very relevant), you will need to determine what indirect taxes to charge based on the rules of the country of your customer. Typically, this will depend on the nature of your services and the amount of sales you have generated to each country.

Issue invoices compliant with local tax juridstictions

As a software business with a broad customer reach, you could often hear requests for compliant invoices, especially from your business customers. They need this for accounting and tax compliance purposes, and not meeting their demands means increased customer support costs, manual work, and potential churn.

Report transactions to tax authorities if required

If you are rendering your services in different countries through a local branch or legal entity, you may be required to report your sales transactions in real-time to the tax authorities electronically (e.g. selling to customers in Mexico via a Mexican entity).

Stay tax-compliant no matter how high your global transaction volumes or third-party interactions are


Key benefits

Charge the right tax to customers every time

Give customers and guests a flawless, friendly experience by charging them correctly for lodging, transportation, and services purchased online.

Streamline and automate invoicing

Issue invoices in the right language and format automatically from a single platform, for your buyers and on behalf of your marketplace sellers.

Keep your hospitality marketplace compliant

Understand tax liabilty for you and your sellers, produce locally compliant invoices, and report transaction data in accordance with DAC7 — all with a single global tax solution.

Navigate complex cross-border travel regulations

Sellers of international train, plane, and bus tickets must calculate VAT based on several factors in multiple countries. See how an intelligent global tax engine applies complex tax rules to figure it all out for you in an instant.


What Fonoa offers to digital platforms from this industry

Through our product suite, we help you establish the tax status of your suppliers and customers, determine if and what taxes apply to your transactions and allow you to report your transactions to tax authorities throughout the world in real time or periodically.

Instantly validate tax ID numbers from 95+ countries to ensure you’re charging the correct tax rate for every transaction.
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Determine the right tax treatment for every transaction with an automated, always up-to-date platform.
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Include accurate tax calculations in the right format, language, and currency on every invoice, for you and your suppliers.
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Report transactions in real-time and keep up with evolving local reporting requirements.
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