Argentina’s Tax Identification Numbers will now be generic & non-binary

July 22, 2022

Argentina’s tax authority (the AFIP) has confirmed the implementation of a new tax identification number prefix format for individuals. The Argentinian TIN (CUIT) will continue to follow the social security number (CUIL) structure (described below).  However, The prefixes used to generate the new CUIT and CUIL numbers will now be randomly assigned. The practical implications are that the government will no longer associate an individual tax ID with a government-assigned gender.

"The prefixes used to generate the new CUIT and CUIL numbers will be randomly assigned.  With this, both keys will be generic and non-binary in terms of sex/gender.” 

(AFIP July 12, 2022)


Up until now the number format consisted of a two-digit prefix followed by eight digits from the national ID number, and concluded with a check digit:

  • ##-12345678-X

Previously, the two-digit prefix indicated the government-assigned gender of the individual. Generally, the government prefixes worked as follows:

  • 20 identified a man; while 
  • 27 identified a woman, 

In some edge cases the numbers 23, 24, 25, and 26 were also applied.

The social security organization (ANSES) had already decided to stop employing the gender logic regarding the CUIL in 2021 and began assigning those prefix digits randomly. The AFIP recently confirmed that they have now implemented the same approach for the CUIT.

Practical implications

Given that the government ID’s prefixes will now be assigned at random, the individuals' TIN will no longer indicate the government-assigned gender of the person. Accordingly, companies that relied on this enhanced method of KYC checks will need to update their processes to reflect this change. Specifically, companies should seek to validate ID’s past the government databases where possible.

How can Fonoa help?

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Agustín Trevisiol
Tax Researcher

Agustin is an International Tax Lawyer and specialist in cross-border digital transactions. He has worked with VAT, GST, and DST in over 90 countries on all five continents. Over those jurisdictions, he has been handling registration thresholds and procedures, invoicing requirements, compliance, return submission, and tax remittance. With that respect, he has been providing assistance and advisory to many leading firms in the digital economy, especially in online education, video games, and fintech.