Challenges for Digital Platform Operators as DAC7 Looms – and How to Face Them

December 6, 2022

Fonoa’s Tax Technology Director Alexander Kobakhidze has written our latest piece for Bloomberg Tax on DAC7 - looking at the challenges digital platform operators face as the legislation comes into effect in one month’s time. 

Alexander sets out how changes to data collection and data validation - alongside other technical challenges - will affect the role of tax professionals operating in European markets.

Read the full article on Bloomberg Tax, including Alexander's key tips on how to stay compliant with the new rules, and the technology that can help manage these changes.

Alexander Kobakhidze
Head of TaxTech @ Fonoa

Alexander is a Tax Technology specialist at Fonoa with in-depth knowledge of indirect taxes impacting the platform and online economy. Prior to joining Fonoa, Alexander was the Global Head of Tax Technology at Uber. At Uber, he and his team worked with internal and external stakeholders to design and build tools that automated tax compliance processes, for both internal use and external platform users. Alexander’s extensive expertise in the effect of indirect taxes on platforms has led him to work with the OECD Working Parties 9 (Consumption Taxes) and 10 (Exchange of Information and Tax Compliance).