DAC7 Legislative guidance and technical documentation from all EU countries

DAC7 Legislative guidance and technical documentation from all EU countries

With DAC7 kicking in next month, our tradition of tracking DAC7 implementation comes to an end. Below, we collected the complete list of legislative texts, tax authority websites, technical documentation and penalties on DAC7 from all 27 EU countries. But before we move into those details, let’s quickly recap what is DAC7.

What is DAC7?

DAC7 is the EU’s new data sharing obligation that applies to digital platforms, enabling users to:

  • Sell goods (eg. Amazon, eBay)
  • Rent out immovable property (eg. Airbnb, Booking.com)
  • Carry out personal services (eg. Uber, TaskRabbit)
  • Rent any mode of transport (eg. Turo, Click & Boat)

As per DAC7, platforms must collect identification and transaction information of their underlying EU-based sellers (or sellers renting out EU properties) and share it with tax authorities by January 31st 2024.

This initiative impacts platforms of all sizes inside and outside of the EU.

How can Fonoa help?

In less than two months, the first DAC7 reports will have to be submitted across the EU. Platforms will not only have to start collecting all required data points from new sellers but will also need to collect and validate the data of their pre-existing sellers.

With our tax number validator, you can validate tax IDs from 100+ countries in bulk and individually and return necessary information from local databases like company name and address.

Regarding DAC7 submissions, our Data Sharing product will guide tax professionals towards compliance and automate technical complexities so you can save time while owning and controlling the end-to-end process.

Put your time and energy back into your business, not tax compliance!

Get in touch to automate these Data Sharing and DAC7 compliance processes.‍

Read more with our Essential Guide to DAC7 and listen to our webinars on DAC7 and Tax ID Validation.

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