E-invoicing in France: Fonoa Applies for PDP

E-invoicing in France: Fonoa Applies for PDP

Fonoa has taken a significant step towards strengthening its presence in the French market by applying to become a PDP in France. By pursuing registration, Fonoa aims to enhance its capabilities as an approved service provider, enabling seamless and compliant electronic invoicing between businesses and between businesses and the public invoicing portal.

This initiative demonstrates our commitment to supporting businesses in their journey towards compliance with France's e-invoicing regulations and facilitating efficient, automated invoice exchange from day zero.

What is a PDP? And an OD?

A PDP is an approved service provider offering invoice dematerialisation service. Crucially, a PDP will be able to assist with producing invoices in an approved format, send e-invoices directly to their recipients and transfer data to the public invoicing portal.

In addition to PDPs, there is another service provider type: An “opérateur de dématérialisation” or OD, which is a non-approved service provider, can assist with e-invoicing and e-reporting requirements, but cannot send e-invoices directly to their recipients nor transfer data to the public invoicing portal.

What is the process of becoming a PDP?

The PDP registration process includes the submission of documentation and certifications required by the Public Finances Directorate General (DGFiP).

Once the application is submitted, PDP candidates must perform certain actions to showcase their capabilities and reliability of their solution. Successful performance will lead to a PDP status.

The PDP status is only granted for 3 years. PDPs must undergo regular audits and renew their PDP status once in 3 years through demonstration ongoing compliance with the regulations.

How Fonoa Can Help

At Fonoa we are experts in the field of e-Invoicing. We can help you make sense of the requirements in France and the rest of the world. We support e-invoicing globally with a single API connection and an easy to use platform. Get in touch to learn more about how we can help automate your global tax requirements.

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Explore Fonoa's expert solutions for seamless e-invoice exchange and tax compliance in France. Contact us today to automate your invoicing processes.

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