Fonoa selected for French e-invoicing pilot program

Fonoa selected for French e-invoicing pilot program

Fonoa has been selected to participate in the highly anticipated pilot program for e-invoicing in France.

The Ministry of the Economy and Finance noted in its decision that Fonoa’s application was “excellent” and that its participation is viewed as a “priority”.

As a pilot program participant, Fonoa will be one of the first service providers to test the e-invoicing system. The scope of the testing will cover both sending and receiving invoices through the public platform (PPF) and through third party partner e-invoicing platforms (PDPs).

The first-hand knowledge gained during this phase will be essential to building a robust e-invoicing platform for France. Fonoa has applied to be recognized as a partner e-invoicing platform (PDP) in France and is committed to providing the best solution on the market.

Fonoa's selection for this program underscores its commitment to providing businesses with reliable, state-of-the-art tax compliance solutions. The company's track record of success in the field, coupled with this latest endorsement from the French tax authorities, positions Fonoa as a trusted partner for businesses seeking seamless, compliant invoicing solutions.

As a reminder, the revised dates for the French e-invoicing mandate are as follows:

  • September 1, 2026: Large and mid-sized companies must comply with the e-invoicing and e-reporting mandates, and all taxpayers must have the capability to receive electronic invoices.
  • September 1, 2027: Small and medium-sized companies must fully comply with the e-invoicing and e-reporting mandates.
  • In both phases, the dates may be adjusted by one quarter if necessary, considering the significance of these changes for businesses.

As the e-invoicing pilot program progresses, Fonoa looks forward to contributing its expertise and further advancing the adoption of digital invoicing practices in France and beyond.

For more information about Fonoa and its comprehensive suite of tax compliance solutions, please see our products.

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