India introduces e-Invoice JSON download functionality

India introduces e-Invoice JSON download functionality

The Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN) in India has introduced a new feature on its e-Invoice Portal, allowing taxpayers to download e-Invoices in PDF and JSON formats.


This new feature offers users the convenience of accessing both issued and received e-Invoices. The invoices can be downloaded in either JSON or PDF format, and users have the option to download them individually or in bulk for an entire month. Notably, the JSON files are accessible for up to six months, ensuring extended access to this data.

This feature is of great significance for taxpayers as it enables them to maintain organized digital records, consequently improving transparency and efficiency during tax audits and assessments. To ensure a smooth experience, users are advised to schedule their downloads during off-peak hours, particularly in the initial days, to prevent system overload.

Detailed guidance can be found in the FAQ document published on the GSTN website.

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