OECD updates FAQs on its Model Reporting Rules for Digital Platforms (eg. DAC7)

OECD updates FAQs on its Model Reporting Rules for Digital Platforms (eg. DAC7)

The OECD updated its FAQs on its Model Reporting Rules for Digital Platforms (MRDP). These reporting guidelines provide the foundation to various tax data sharing regulations around the world, including the EU’s DAC7, Australia’s SERR and similar measures from the UK, Canada, and New Zealand.

The updated FAQs provide more clarity on a number of topics that have been widely discussed amongst digital platforms in scope of the new data sharing regulations. Some notable updates include:

  • TIN validation requirements
  • The "Platform on Platform" conundrum
  • Whether pre-recorded digital content is in scope
  • The platform definition
  • When consideration is reasonably knowable
  • Whether the provision of e-commerce software services is in scope
  • Treatment of vouchers and barter transactions
  • The currency of monetary thresholds

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