Poland begins KSeF consultation after e-invoicing delay

Poland begins KSeF consultation after e-invoicing delay

The Polish Ministry is set to initiate a consultation process on the KSeF (Krajowy System e-Faktur, National System of e-Invoices) to engage stakeholders in discussions about the system’s legal framework and functionality. This announcement comes after the mandate was delayed earlier this year.


The consultation begins on February 9, with new timelines expected to be published by May.


With this announcement, the Minister of Finance Andrzej Domański provided assurances that the mandatory KSeF will be implemented. On February 9, the Ministry of Finance will announce a schedule of consultations on legal solutions and the functionality of the KSeF system.

It is expected that a new date for the mandatory use of KSeF will be announced at the turn of April or May.

The Ministry, in collaboration with industry experts, is considering the costs associated with the proposed changes. This will ensure that the transition to KSeF aligns with business interests, recognizing the efforts and resources businesses need to invest.

Taxpayers should take advantage of this recent mandate postponement and begin preparing for the new timelines.

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