Romania Releases E-Invoicing Guideline: Key Updates for Taxpayers

Romania Releases E-Invoicing Guideline: Key Updates for Taxpayers

Romania has issued new guidance for taxpayers on implementing the latest e-invoicing and e-reporting requirements.


Beginning January 2024, Romanian businesses registered for VAT are required to adhere to e-reporting regulations. From April 2024 onwards, failure to comply will result in fines ranging from 1,000 to 10,000 LEI (approximately EUR 200 to EUR 2,000).


Romania has released a guideline for taxpayers concerning the adoption of new e-invoicing and e-reporting regulations. Key points include:

  • The guideline specifies that non-resident taxpayers registered for VAT are subject to e-reporting obligations starting January 1, 2024. This applies to both non-residents and residents involved in B2B transactions for goods and services delivered or provided in Romania, requiring them to report all related invoices.
  • The definition of an e-invoice is clarified as exclusively an XML file compliant with the European standard EN 16931 and Romania's specific requirements (RO-CIUS). Consequently, PDF files will no longer be recognized as valid e-invoices for tax purposes.
  • Guidance is provided on how to request e-invoices after their 60-day archival period in tax authority systems. Taxpayers can obtain previous invoices by submitting a request to the tax authority, which must include details like the Invoice ID, date, and names of the seller and buyer.
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