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The digital economy is thriving, with new business models that truly transcend borders and change global commerce.

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Ever-changing tax regulations

Yet a hidden burden falls on corporate tax leaders and their teams—the way online transactions are taxed has become so complicated and ephemeral that tried-and-true tax management workflows are all but obsolete. When founder Davor Tremac was a general manager at Uber, he saw firsthand how changing tax requirements and regulations curbed expansion in many markets.

They were growing faster than local governments could decide on tax liability or gain any visibility into transaction data, leaving a complex web of regional tax and reporting rules for Tremac’s team to navigate manually.

We are here to help online businesses stay tax compliant while scaling globally

There was a glaring need that could only be fulfilled with real-time data, and Fonoa became the solution. As the only platform that can streamline and automate real-time tax workflows across so many countries and local governments in one place, Fonoa helps tax managers manage their obligations without the stress. The global tax landscape won’t get simpler, but that’s ok—we’re here to make it simple for you.

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  • Davor Tremac

    Davor Tremac

    Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder
  • Filip Sturman

    Filip Sturman

    Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder
  • Shane Kent

    Shane Kent

    Chief Revenue Officer
  • Kristen Souki

    Kristen Souki

    Chief People Officer
  • Pablo Carranza

    Pablo Carranza

    Chief Technology Officer
  • Rob van der Woude

    Rob van der Woude

    Chief Tax Officer

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