Tax determination for your transactions globally

Determine the right sales tax, VAT and GST treatment of your transactions globally with a single solution, that can be integrated into your business in 2 weeks.

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Calculating taxes on transactions globally is complex

Doing business globally requires you to calculate and collect different taxes in different jurisdictions, based on complex rules and various rates. To do this for every transaction requires fast and accurate tax calculations and up to date content.

Why use Fonoa?

  • Customize tax rules to your specific business model and be up and running fast.

  • Eliminate the need to build and maintain your own solutions with a simple integration that has up-to-date global coverage.

  • Exceed industry standard with technology that is built for scale and performance.

Real-Time Tax Calculation screen

Fonoa’s single solution provides global coverage and unrivalled flexibility to customize tax logic and content to your business needs in real-time.

Global coverage under one scalable solution

Fonoa Tax handles complex tax logic across countries, regions, and business models.

  • Covering more than 130 countries

    Covering 130+ countries with "out of the box" content for a wide range of services with the ability to add logic fast and simple.

  • Coverage of marketplace rules globally

    Complete marketplace facilitator rules for all 40+ countries.

  • Built for check-out pages

    Built for check-out pages with high volume and low latency requirements.

  • Always-accurate rules and rates

    Automatically updated content ensures always-accurate rules and rates.

  • A fast and simple integration

    A simple API to integrate with. You are a few days away from having a tax engine.

  • Advanced features

    Global currency conversion, threshold monitoring, indirect tax withholding and much more.

Configurable to your business

Fonoa's Tax engine comes with out-of-the-box tax logic you can start using right away wherever you do business.

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  • Full flexibility

    Fonoa offers maximum “off-the-shelf” functionality combined with maximum flexibility for company specific configurations.

  • Minimal tax and engineering effort

    You can launch in new markets and use cases as the business grows, with minimal tax-tech and engineering effort.

  • Easy to use audit trails

    Filter, dive deep into transaction details, and access a full audit trail any time.

Fonoa allows Uber to be able to validate taxpayer status both in VIES, and in the national databases across the EU, allowing us to have a complete picture over the taxpayer status of our supplier base.
Tax Tech & Operations Manager, Uber

Learn how Fonoa automates your tax and compliance workflows for greater control and scale

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