Snap's Tax Strategy for the Digital Economy

Snap's Tax Strategy for the Digital Economy

Snap is one of the leading companies that has defined the digital creator economy in the last decade.

In this webinar, you’ll hear directly from Jon Locascio, Vice President of Tax at Snap, and Nicola Collins, Global Indirect Tax Lead at Snap.

Learn firsthand what it means to manage a truly global business in the digital economy with a nimble, high-performance team.


  • Snap’s evolution from a single-person team to a hyperefficient, tight-knit unit that led the company through IPO and beyond.
  • The importance of Indirect Tax in today’s world for companies in the digital economy
  • How to cultivate a high-performance culture focused on collaboration, efficiency and clear goals.
  • Snap’s approach to Tax Technology

Whether you manage taxes yourself or are just curious about how leading digital companies operate in tax, this webinar is for you.

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Jonathon Locascio
Jonathon LocascioVice President of Tax @ Snap Inc.

Jonathon leads Snap's tax strategy as Vice President of Tax. With extensive experience in tax accounting, compliance, and international tax planning, he has significantly contributed to Snap’s growth since joining in 2016.

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Nicola Collins
Nicola CollinsGlobal Indirect Tax Lead @ Snap Inc.

Nicola is the Global Indirect Tax Lead at Snap Inc., overseeing VAT and indirect tax strategy. With over 20 years of experience and based in Dublin, she ensures tax compliance and operational efficiency.

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Rob van der Woude
Rob van der WoudeChief Tax Officer

Fonoa's Chief Tax Officer, ex-Head of EMEA Tax at Uber, with extensive tech consulting experience in US and EMEA. Based in Bucharest & Amsterdam.

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Alexander Kobakhidze
Alexander KobakhidzeDirector of Tax Technology

Fonoa's Tax Evangelist & Director of Tax Tech. Former Head of Tax Tech at Uber. Based in Croatia, passionate about global tax solutions, and that’s why he decided to join Fonoa.

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