Fonoa Tax Essentials: DAC7 - Key Insights Learned So Far

Fonoa Tax Essentials: DAC7 - Key Insights Learned So Far

May 3rd, 2023 | 3:00PM BST | 10:00AM EST

DAC7 is the latest EU regulation applicable to marketplaces and platform operators that requires you to share seller data with tax authorities in the EU.

In this Fonoa Tax Essentials webinar, our subject matter experts Alexander Kobakhidze and Attila Felfoldi will walk you through the most common pitfalls companies face preparing for DAC7 and how to prevent them. They will also share the key best practices to ensure you can navigate DAC7 successfully and efficiently. These lessons learned come from speaking to the world’s leading tech companies affected by these data-sharing rules, their in-house tax and technology teams and from the research and work Fonoa has put into working and collaborating with them and many other companies to create tangible solutions.

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