Global E-Invoicing 2024: From Provider Selection to Ownership

Global E-Invoicing 2024: From Provider Selection to Ownership

January 24th, 2024 | 3:00PM GMT | 10:00AM EST | 07:00AM PST

VATupdate x Fonoa

Secure your spot now and enter 2024 with the knowledge from past years on how to select the best e-invoicing provider for your business.

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Welcome to Global e-Invoicing 2024, from provider selection to ownership. We will be going through the process of selecting the ideal e-invoicing provider for your business and looking at some of the tasks you will still own. As we step into 2024, having the right tools and knowledge to make informed decisions in the e-invoicing and digital reporting space is crucial.


  • Alexis Aimard, Director of Product Management @ Expedia Group
  • Bas de Koning, VAT Specialist and Chief Editor @ VATupdate
  • Rob van der Woude, Chief Tax Officer @ Fonoa
  • Alexander Kobakhidze, Head of Tax Tech @ Fonoa

You can expect:

  1. Understanding Vendor Lock-In and how to avoid it
  2. Including Key Contract Clauses
  3. Adapting to Regulatory Changes
  4. Drafting Effective Documentation and SLAs
  5. Scoping Projects and Managing Expectations


Alexis Aimard
Alexis AimardDirector of Product Management @ Expedia Group

Expedia Group's Director of Product Management, leveraging 15+ years of expertise. A creative problem-solver, excelling in aligning tax requirements for optimal business growth, efficiency, and user experience.

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Bas de Koning
Bas de KoningVAT Specialist @ VATupdate

With 20+ years in VAT and Indirect Tax, Bas is an experienced specialist offering VAT Advisory, Interim, Compliance, and Training services. He is one of the Chief Editors of

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Rob van der Woude
Rob van der WoudeChief Tax Officer

Fonoa's Chief Tax Officer, ex-Head of EMEA Tax at Uber, with extensive tech consulting experience in US and EMEA. Based in Bucharest & Amsterdam.

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Alexander Kobakhidze
Alexander KobakhidzeDirector of Tax Technology

Fonoa's Tax Evangelist & Director of Tax Tech. Former Head of Tax Tech at Uber. Based in Croatia, passionate about global tax solutions, and that’s why he decided to join Fonoa.

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