Is “Co-Sourcing” the future of Indirect tax return filing?

Is “Co-Sourcing” the future of Indirect tax return filing?

December 13th, 2023 | 4:00PM GMT | 11:00AM EST | 08:00AM PST

VAT Returns

Being part of an exponentially expanding business is a great place to be …unless you are a tax manager trying to cope with this “hockey-stick” growth and its impact on your VAT/GST compliance.

Balancing tax compliance with other critical tasks is a constant struggle for many tax teams, especially those with headcount constraints. To handle this, some do insource the work; others outsource it completely.

However, more recently, a third alternative has been gaining traction - co-sourcing.

What is co-sourcing?

Co-sourcing is a collaborative approach, where the company retains some in-house functions while outsourcing others. This strategy provides a balance between control and external expertise.

The heart of co-sourcing is having a software tool that can be used to automate tasks like data ingestion, data enrichment, and data validation. The data is then used to generate things like returns/reports. Responsibility for certain tasks is split between internal and external teams.

Until recently, co-sourcing was not a viable option because the practicality of the arrangement was not feasible or cost-effective. However, today it is emerging as not only a viable alternative to the traditional options, but offering an outstanding level of control and value to scaling businesses.

Join the webinar to learn about co-sourcing, how it is changing the landscape and if you can level up how you handle global indirect tax compliance.


Alexander Kobakhidze
Alexander KobakhidzeDirector of Tax Technology

Fonoa's Tax Evangelist & Director of Tax Tech. Former Head of Tax Tech at Uber. Based in Croatia, passionate about global tax solutions, and that’s why he decided to join Fonoa.

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Charles Phillips
Charles PhillipsTax Manager

Charles Phillips, Tax Manager at Fonoa, with extensive experience in indirect tax. Previously worked at PWC and at an established tax tech provider. Based in Amsterdam.

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Rob van der Woude
Rob van der WoudeChief Tax Officer

Fonoa's Chief Tax Officer, ex-Head of EMEA Tax at Uber, with extensive tech consulting experience in US and EMEA. Based in Bucharest & Amsterdam.

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