Malaysia releases new and updated e-invoice guidelines

Malaysia releases new and updated e-invoice guidelines

Malaysia’s Inland Revenue Board (IRBM or in Malaysian ‘LHDNM’) has released an updated e-Invoice guideline (Version 2.0), an e-Invoice specific guideline (Version 1.0) and a comprehensive data catalogue, before the introduction of the new e-invoicing mandate.


E-invoicing will be introduced in phases, starting from June 1, 2024, for taxpayers with an annual turnover exceeding RM100 million (USD 22 million), with a target deadline to complete the rollout of all the phases by January 2027.


The guidelines cover various aspects of e-invoicing, including e-invoice transmission, self-billed e-invoices, cross-border transactions, e-commerce transactions, currency conversions, details on the API and data security and privacy. These guidelines aim to simplify e-invoice concepts, provide practical support, and assist taxpayers in transitioning to e-invoicing while addressing common concerns.

Businesses should proactively prepare for the upcoming e-invoicing mandate and assess their current IT systems, ERP systems, and tax compliance processes to ensure they are aligned with the new requirements.

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