Secure & compliant tax data sharing

Meet quickly evolving data sharing laws and securely share tax data with authorities across countries.

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Complying with data sharing rules is not easy

Many countries are introducing data sharing rules that require marketplaces and operators to share platform data electronically. This creates data and technical complexity that is hard to manage.

Why use Fonoa?

  • Automate technicalities and get guidance through the entire DAC7 reporting process.

  • All your file preparations and submissions available in a single place.

  • Connect directly to local EU tax authorities making data sharing submissions effortless.

DAC7 Data Sharing calendar screen

Fonoa’s solution will help you comply with local and regional transparency laws with built-in configurations for data sharing with tax authorities in real time.

DAC7 compliance through a single platform

Our data sharing platform simplifies the compliance process and automates technical complexities so you can save time while controlling the end-to-end process.

  • Regional tax laws

    Know where your business is subject to or excluded from regional tax laws as they’re put in place.

  • Automate data sharing

    Automatically share platform seller data with authorities, including tax IDs, contact info, and industry-specific details.

  • Avoid fines and pass audits

    Avoid heavy fines and pass audits by maintaining a single source of truth of transaction and reporting histories.

  • Track legislation globally

    Stay on top of global data sharing obligations and their unique requirements.

  • Automate technical complexities

    Automate technical complexities such as government reporting connections, data operations, and information validation.

  • Save time

    Save time and own the end-to-end data sharing process.

Learn how Fonoa automates your tax and compliance workflows for greater control and scale

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