Bulk VAT Number Check & Online Validator for EU with VIES

Bulk VAT Number Check & Online Validator for EU with VIES

Instantly validate up to 50.000 numbers at once for periodic or ad-hoc checks.

Do you need bulk VAT number validations to...

  • file the European Sales List, confirm if a cross-border transaction is B2B or B2C,
  • check your vendors’ VAT IDs before submitting VAT returns to make sure the appropriate VAT rates were applied,
  • validate VAT IDs of platform sellers before submitting their data for DAC7 purposes, or
  • want to clean your vendor/customer data?

With Fonoa Lookup, you can easily validate European Union VAT ID numbers in bulk. Just upload a batch of EU VAT numbers in our user interface or using our API and get instant validation results from all EU countries from the European Commission’s VIES vat registration number checker.

The VIES System

The VIES system (short for VAT Information Exchange System) is a web service that allows its users to check the validity of a VAT number from each EU member state (and Northern Ireland). Checking VAT identification numbers is necessary to rely on certain value added tax mechanisms like the reverse-charge in the EU, which requires sellers to validate if a cross-border buyer is VAT registered in order to issue a VAT-free invoice. In case you provide your own VAT ID the VIES web service returns a consultation number to provide proof of your validation. One of the main drawbacks of the VIES service is that it only allows checking VAT IDs one at a time.

Fonoa Lookup

Fonoa Lookup allows you to check VAT IDs in bulk, quick and easy. You just simply upload the VAT IDs to our dashboard using our simple CSV file template (this can be easily done in excel), including the country code prefix, and we give you the results, including some additional information for most countries, like company name and address.

Have issues with VIES?

To retrieve all the publicly available additional information, and get the most accurate and up-to-date information, Fonoa Lookup is directly integrated with the tax authorities of all EU countries on top of our VIES integration.

How Fonoa can help

Learn more about how you can automate tax ID validation and ensure the correct tax rate for every transaction.

Contact sales to request a free demo and to get a pricing quote tailored to your needs.


Do you offer an API connection?

Yes! You can easily integrate Fonoa Lookup with your systems using our API connection. With just one, single API connection you can get access to VIES, and local tax authority databases in more than 100 countries globally.

Where do we source our tax ID validation results from?

We source our results from VIES in the European Union, as well as local tax authority databases

What is VIES?

VIES stands for VAT Information Exchange System, and it is run by the European Commission. VIES enables businesses that sell cross-border within the EU to validate VAT numbers electronically.

How can I validate multiple tax IDs in bulk?

While VIES only lets you validate one tax ID at a time, Lookup allows you to validate multiple tax IDs in one go. To do this you can simply upload the tax IDs you want to validate in our UI, or you can also validate them using our API connection.

How many tax IDs can I validate in bulk?

With Fonoa Lookup you can validate up to 50,000 tax IDs in one batch.

Can I validate tax IDs outside of the EU?

Yes. Fonoa enables you to validate VAT, GST and other tax ID’s in over 100 countries.

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