E-invoicing Procurement Guide 2024

E-invoicing Procurement Guide 2024

What is this guide about?

This comprehensive guide answers your questions about e-invoicing and digital reporting. Whether you're a tax specialist, product owner, engineer, or financial professional, this guide will equip you with the knowledge to avoid mistakes and implement the right e-invoicing solution for your business.

  • How to align stakeholders (including finance, technology and business)?
  • Who should "own" e-invoicing?
  • Do companies build or buy solutions?
  • Top 60+ questions to include in the e-invoicing RFP

Plus, explore specific e-invoicing questions raised by digital platforms and marketplaces.

Enhance your e-invoicing procurement process today

Fonoa’s latest e-invoicing procurement guide, compiled with support from tax professionals at the world's leading multinationals, groups and answers the most common questions posed during the e-invoicing procurement process.

Bonus Tip: Our guide includes a downloadable spreadsheet to support your procurement process—download now to get started!

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