Global tax compliance for marketplaces

Automatically validate the tax status of marketplace sellers, determine the right tax rates for each transaction, invoice and report transactions according to local tax requirements.

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A solution designed by experts in the field

Our team has unique experience, having worked at and grown some of the world's largest marketplaces. That in-depth and specific knowledge has helped us design solutions specific to global marketplaces and platforms.

  • Validate buyer's tax ID

    Validate buyer and supplier tax IDs across the globe with a single API.

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    Validate buyer's tax ID
  • Tax determination for any transaction

    Determine the right sales tax, VAT and GST treatment for all your marketplace and third-party transactions globally.

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    Tax determination for any transaction
  • Secure and compliant data sharing

    Meet quickly evolving data sharing laws and securely share tax data with authorities across countries.

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    Secure and compliant data sharing

Comply with invoicing and documentation rules

Issue invoices and e-invoices in the right language and format automatically from a single platform, for your customers and on behalf of your marketplace sellers.

Support for

  • Receipts
  • Self-billing
  • Summary invoices
  • Credit notes
  • 3rd party billing
  • Transportation documents
Invoice data API

Keep suppliers compliant and informed

Empower marketplace sellers to generate e-invoices and report transactions electronically with Fonoa’s third-party supplier portal.

  • Access transaction data quickly and easily for investigations, ad-hoc requests and audits.
  • Filter transactions by criteria for tax, documents, reporting and returns and more.
  • Stay compliant with marketplace rules across countries.

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