Tax automation for digital content providers

Calculate and charge the right taxes on music, video, elearning, and other digital content according to local regulations in over 100 countries.

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One solution to comply with tax rules for digital content globally

Digital content providers attract a diverse audience in terms of their locations and tax status - creating a challenge for finance and tax teams globally. With Fonoa, you can easily monitor your sales with over 100 local VAT/GST registration thresholds and apply the correct tax rules and rates to your sales once you are registered.

  • Validate buyer tax IDs across the globe

    Validate buyer or supplier tax IDs across the globe through a simple user interface or API integration.

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    Validate buyer tax IDs across the globe
  • Automatically calculate VAT

    Automatically calculate VAT/GST based on liable entity, region, and content type.

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    Automatically calculate VAT
  • Global e-invoicing

    Produce locally compliant invoices and e-invoices anywhere you need to.

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    Global e-invoicing

Sell in any market without the risk

Digital content knows no borders, but each transaction in a new market carries the risk of non-compliance. With Fonoa, you can streamline tax workflows by centralizing and automating tax calculations on a single platform.

Why you should choose Fonoa?

  • Become globally compliant in a matter of days with low-code, flexibleAPIs.
  • Comply with local rules instantly with out-of-the-box tax logic.
ACME streaming market

Stay tax compliant in every step of your creativity

  • Keep track of complex content rules

    Local tax regulations vary greatly, with different rules for live vs. pre-recorded content, specific formats, or transactions between creators. Fonoa’s tax engine is always updated, automatically calculating the correct VAT/GST, or sales tax as transactions take place.

  • Charge tax for live events and creator content the right way

    Changing tax laws add complexity to live events and creator-led content. Fonoa tells you exactly when you’re liable for taxes as a supplier of virtual events, live-streams, and other complex situations so you can collect VAT upfront, avoid fines, and preserve your margins.

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