Philippines Changes VAT Return Filing Frequency

Philippines Changes VAT Return Filing Frequency

The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) introduced a VAT return simplification for taxpayers in the Philippines.


Beginning January 1st, 2023, liable taxpayers should submit their VAT returns quarterly.


Instead of monthly filing, beginning January 1st, 2023, liable taxpayers are obliged to file their VAT returns quarterly after the amendment of Revenue Regulation No. 13-2018.

The transitional rules for the change are provided in Revenue Memorandum Circular No.5 of 2023. It states that taxpayers are no longer obliged to file the monthly VAT return form (BIR Form No. 2550M), except for transactions that were still carried out during December 2022.

Based on Revenue Regulation No. 13-2018, every person liable to pay VAT must file the quarterly return within 25 days following each taxable quarter. The taxable quarter is synchronized with the income tax quarter of the taxpayer; it could be a calendar or fiscal quarter. The BIR Form No.2550Q is to be used for filing quarterly returns.

The VAT payment deadline is the same as the VAT return deadline.

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