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The Essential Guide to Tax Number Validation

The Essential Guide to Tax Number Validation

What is this guide about?

To dispel any misconceptions, this guide is about more than just the EU and the VIES portal and covers more than indirect taxes. This is because TIN validation is no longer constrained to just Europe and VAT. New tax and reporting obligations are being introduced each year, some target all businesses while others are more focused. Examples include the increasing number of Digital Reporting Requirements globally(also referred to as e-invoicing) and Data Sharing rules – such as DAC7 – which apply to Digital Platforms and Marketplaces.

All of these make TIN validation a critical new step in the tax compliance process of a multinational. Admittedly, this guide does focus mainly on the hurdles encountered by digital-first businesses selling SaaS, direct-to-consumer electronic services, and Digital Platforms connecting buyers and sellers. Nevertheless, all of the topics covered and content shared should resonate with a broad range of tax, product, and tech practitioners, especially those interested in building (or buying) a TIN validation tool.

Why do companies need to validate TINs? How can companies validate TINs globally at scale?

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