How we work at Fonoa?

How we work at Fonoa?

At Fonoa our goal is to change how companies globally handle their taxes and we're committed to building world-class products.

Instead of doing this by the traditional hierarchical structure, we are working in independent, autonomous teams. We develop our products remotely in a fully distributed way, which gives us the freedom to work where and how we want. But what does this actually mean in practice?

We solve real problems

We focus on solving real problems, aiming for the best customer experience, and navigating towards business goals.

We start our work with problems, not solutions.

It means that people at Fonoa don’t get a top-down list of things to deliver, they start working on a challenge instead. Solving the challenge means to fully understand the problem first (whose problem it is, and why it needs to be solved) and then come up with solutions. We don’t micromanage our people, we empower them to work autonomously instead. They execute on their judgment, experiment, and collaborate. We trust the expertise of our team and give them the freedom and all the support they need to solve complex problems.

We work in autonomous teams

We work in independent, autonomous, lean teams, empowered to decide on their problem solving strategies. We provide a broader business context, company strategy, and clear goals for each team, and expect them to take ownership and make most decisions on their own.
We are efficient remotely

We offer flexibility when it comes to location. We are building a fully distributed team where our people can adjust their working hours to fit their personal and family schedules.

We try to avoid meeting overload, we prefer writing to communicate when meetings are pointless, and only meet when it matters.

Finding the right balance between different forms of communication allows us to work flexibly, efficiently, and focus on achieving our goals.