Sourcing top talent at a remote company

Technical Talent Sourcer
Leslie Acuin

Hiring plays a strategic role in Fonoa’s business. As a fast-growing startup, we look for talents proactively. To do this we’ve built a sourcing process that helps us find exceptional  talents who are able to get things done remotely. 

In today's hyper-competitive talent market, sourcing candidates is an essential part of the recruitment process. Sourcing for remote positions is different from sourcing for on-site jobs, where location is one of the biggest obstacles. Forgetting about location and looking for talented professionals all over the world makes finding talent much easier. 

Remote working is becoming increasingly common since covid. Many find it compelling, as working out of offices ultimately means less commuting, fewer long lines, and other time consuming daily distractions, resulting in more focus and productivity. It is a good selling point for candidates that if they join a remote company they don’t have to commute to the office, just set up their workspace and work. But remote work is not for everyone. Several skills are needed for being productive and successful in this kind of environment. 

At Fonoa, we look for curious, competent, and open-minded people with the right experience and principles that are similar to ours.

What we are looking for in people we want to hire?

We are building a fully distributed team and all of our team members work remotely from different locations. We combine this with an asynchronous style of working, which means that we communicate a lot in writing. Collaboration and communication are key parts of our jobs at Fonoa. We look for people who are comfortable with this setup and have the skills and personalities that are matching with our culture and the way we work.

During the sourcing process, we try to assess these skills, so we look for specific things in candidates' profiles. We look for people who want to solve problems regardless of what tech stack they use, so we are quite flexible with technical skills. We believe this is something people can always work on, it is more important, that they have the desire to build products in this industry. Here at Fonoa, we focus on the relevance of experience and the kind of problems they’ve dealt with in the past. We also want to know, what projects they have worked on and what impact they’ve had during their career. The industry background tells a lot about a candidate. Usually, people who worked for startups or have a mix of backgrounds have the kind of skills we are looking for, such as ownership and moving things forward. 

This is sometimes an instinct game

Of course, it is difficult to see if a person is comfortable with a remote setup from a written candidate profile. This is sometimes an instinct game. You can get a hint from the profile description or hobbies, but you can never be sure about this. In most cases, it only turns out when we reach out to potential candidates. They’re either comfortable with remote work or wanted to change from office to remote. 

The best part of sourcing is reading bios, there are some really interesting ones and sometimes they are truly funny. Getting to know what motivates a candidate or what they want to do next is also very interesting. It is also great to see when candidates get excited about our product, and the impact they can have working with us. 

We are hiring

We always have several roles open here at Fonoa, so if working autonomously and solving one of the largest yet unsolved problems in the online universe sounds like an exciting challenge for you, don’t hesitate to apply. 

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