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Tax compliance for Digital Content Platforms at ease

Automate taxes for your platform. On-demand video, gaming, learning, music, streaming, etc. are all growing fast across the globe, and with scale, grows the tax complexity around managing compliance across all users.

Digital content platforms attract a diverse audience in terms of their locations and tax status - creating a burden for finance and tax teams globally


Managing tax compliance for a growing and distributed user-base

Understand who your customers are from a tax status perspecitve

Your customers may be business customers or consumers in different countries throughout the world. In order to understand if and what taxes you need to charge and remit in each country, you will need to understand their taxable status (B2B or B2C).

Calculate and apply correct indirect tax rates globally

Once you know who you need to tax, you will need to determine what indirect taxes to charge and at which rate, based on the rules of the country of your customer. Typically, this will depend on the nature of your services and the amount of sales you have generated to each country.

Issue invoices compliant with local tax juridstictions

Customers around the world will expect locally compliant invoices for your services. Not issuing invoices that comply with local regulations or customer expectations can increase customer support costs and manual work. With B2B customers this is even more pronounced as they need invoices for internal financial controls.

Ensure transactions are reported to tax authorities if you operate through multiple legal entites

If you are rendering your services in different countries through a local branch or legal entity, you may be required to report your sales transactions in real-time to the tax authorities electronically (e.g. selling to Brazilian customers via a Brazilian entity).

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