Why should you join us at Fonoa?

We help companies automate their tax management processes with APIs. An elegant solution to a complex problem-space.

We are growing fast (looking to double our headcount asap) and are already one of the frontrunners in the disruption of this space. Check TechCrunch’s article here. The opportunity we are after is a multi-billion dollar one, and we raised $25m to help us get there. 

Now that you understand a bit more about what we do let’s talk about how which is even more important when considering joining.

We start our work with problems, not solutions.

As an engineer, product, marketing, sales, operations or talent person, you will not get a top-down list of things to deliver. 

We will present you with a challenge you need to solve. The challenge is often a combination of customer insights and upcoming regulatory changes to the tax world. We use both to drive innovation at Fonoa and build products that make managing taxes less painful and more automated. 

We don’t micromanage our people.

We empower them to work autonomously, execute on their judgment, experiment, and collaborate. We provide a broader business context, company strategy, and clear goals for each team. We encourage independent thinking and expect teams to make most decisions on their own. We value bias for action and fresh ideas. We dislike the status quo and have little respect for how things used to be done. 

We have bold goals, great traction and are looking for curious and passionate builders to join us on our mission. 

We offer flexibility when it comes to location

Remote, work from anywhere and time (work to fit your personal and family schedules). 

We won’t be going back to the offices, because simply we have none. We do offer a stipend to equip your home office or sponsor co-working subscriptions. 

We are feedback driven. Whether it is to ask for individual self-improvement, to others or simply to the wider company, we know this benefits everyone. We stay true to making this an open environment.

We don’t whiteboard people during interviews either.

We focus more on getting to know you as a person, what interests you, your career goals, what kind of environments work best for you, and what kind of challenges make you tick. 

We provide learning opportunities in-house (learn from others on a specific topic) and sponsor access to online learning platforms for everyone at Fonoa. 

Everyone gets a stake in our company.

End-to-end ownership of problems and solutions at Fonoa also comes with a significant stake in our company too. Everyone at Fonoa receives equity and given our trajectory and growth plan we will all enjoy the fruits of our labor down the road. 

Last but not least, we are backed by some of the most prominent venture capitalist investors in the world, primarily Index Ventures and OMERS Ventures, along with a variety of other institutional and individual investors. 

Fonoa is a people-first culture.

We trust the expertise of our team and give them the freedom and all the support they need to solve complex problems. We pay our people well and grant equity in the company.

Freedom to work fully remote

You choose the location, we are flexible.

We provide all the necessary equipment

Fully equipped tech gear and whatever you need for your ideal office workspace.

25 days annual leave

plus bank holidays in your local country.

Learning and development

We provide access to any learning courses, certifications, and tools through the world’s leading learning platforms.

Bi-weekly paid lunch

We come online together on Fridays.

Access to co-working hubs

You choose how to run your schedule.

Flexibility and efficiency

We like writing to communicate when meetings are pointless, and meet when it matters.

Are you interested in Fonoa but can’t find your role?

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