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How can I report a bug?

If you detected a bug in the operability of the Fonoa system and/or Fonoa products, you can report in on the following page: ‍

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What if I simultaneously send large volume of requests to report transactions to tax authorities in real-time, how are these requests processed?

Fonoa can process any volume of unique transaction requests and will report them to relevant tax authorities sequentially, such that we prevent any duplicates, and to make sure each transaction has a proper invoice number depending on when it was reported.

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What are the requirements to open a Fonoa account?

Requirements depend on the country where you operate and the Fonoa products you want to use.

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Where can I find the API documentation?

Fonoa API documentation is available on Our API documentation provides information about each endpoint in the API. Using the panel on the right-hand side, you can see and try out sample requests and responses for each endpoint in various programming languages in a demo environment.

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What is the minimum required data you need to issue a tax invoice?

Invoices are valid only if they feature all elements prescribed by the government. If an invoice does not contain all required information, business customers cannot use it to reclaim any indirect taxes (VAT, GST, etc.). Moreover, if an invoice doesn’t contain all the necessary information, it cannot be considered an invoice.

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In which countries can I validate tax identification numbers with Lookup?

Currently, Fonoa Lookup supports validations of tax identification numbers in 50+ countries. We are continually working on expanding the scope of countries supported by Lookup.

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In which countries can I issue a fully VAT-compliant invoice with Fonoa Invoicing?

Using Fonoa Invoicing, you can issue a fully tax compliant invoice in more than 60 countries and 30+ languages.

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