What to expect throughout the process at Fonoa?

We want to make sure that you learn as much as possible about Fonoa’s industry, the problem we solve, our products, our culture, and the nature of the role and team you’re currently being considered for. At every stage of the process, our hiring team will cover the above points in order to gain everyone’s perspectives on what’s important. 

In addition, we will share additional material that can help you with your research and allow you to ask as many questions as you like; as we know, this is a mutual conversation and not one-sided. 

For some positions, we may ask you to do an exercise as this helps us evaluate your fit better. This may be writing proposals, formulating ideas, or sharing your approach to a particular topic. We aim to keep this simple and without a major time investment required from your end. 

Fonoa also understands the importance of speed in the process. Our recruiting team will work to keep the conversation active, provide updates and move within a relatively quick timeframe, giving you the best possible candidate experience.